Black People are more racist than Whites: 2.4 times more likely to commit Hate Crime

According the the FBI (link<—) Black People are almost 2.5 times more likely to commit a Hate Crime. In 2015 White people committed 48.4% of Hate Crimes while being 63% of the population. Black People committed 24.3% of Hate Crime despite only being 13% of the population. I am not a mathematician but I think that figures out to Black People being 2.433 times more likely to commit a Hate Crime. Does this mean Black People are 2.4 times as racist as White People?

2017 Gallup Poll: Americans Trust in Police Officers at 50 Year High

A Gallup Poll shows respect for cops at a near all time high after 5 cops assassinated in Dallas and 3 cops assassinated in Baton Rouge.

by Justin McCarthy

Story Highlights

  • 76% say they have “a great deal” of respect for the police in their area
  • Respect for law enforcement up since 2015 among whites and nonwhites
  • Majorities in major party, age groups report having respect for police

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Three in four Americans (76%) say they have “a great deal” of respect for the police in their area, up 12 percentage points from last year.

Americans' Respect for Police in Their Areas, 1965-2016

In addition to the large majority of Americans expressing “a great deal” of respect for their local police, 17% say they have “some” respect while 7% say they have “hardly any.”

Gallup has asked this question nine times since 1965. The percentage who say they respect the police is significantly higher now than in any measurement taken since the 1990s and is just one point below the high of 77% recorded in 1967. Solid majorities of Americans have said they respect their local law enforcement in all polls conducted since 1965.
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VIDEO: Like It Or Not, Black Criminality Is The Biggest Problem Not Police Brutality by Damon Whitsell

One of the biggest things all people have in common who believe racism and white supremacy is a problem in America is that they just have not dealt with the reality that black criminality rates are outrageously disproportional to other races. Yes, blacks, on average and per capita tend to be more violent. This causes a domino effect within a community of black people. The black community dealing with the high criminality rates in the black community would solve much of what ails the black community and causes dysfunction and many of the disparities of the black community/race compared to other communities/races.

I am adding this comment, and my response. to clarify some things that was not added to this video description, but was in the video, if you watch it all.

From nthnpark0 – “+Damon Whitsell – The black community dealing with the high criminality rates in the black community would solve much of what ails the black community and causes dysfunction and many of the disparities of the black community/race compared to other communities/races”

You”re so right ( SARCASM*), that’s why black crime has *decreased by well more than half over the last few decades, and that’s why most black people aren’t criminals. That’s also why black crime doesn’t have jack shit to do with what “ails the black community and causes dysfunction and many of the disparities of the black community/race compared to other communities/races” You wingnuts are really something else.

From Damon Whitsell – “I am sorry I might not have made the right qualifiers in the video description. Actual few black people are highly criminal, maybe 12-15% of black people. Those are mostly youth from the inner city urban areas.

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VIDEO: Bodycam video shows split-second decision of deputy who shot armed suspect

Littleton Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department released body cam footage from the officer-involved shooting last Friday. Investigators identified the armed suspect as 25-year-old Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas and the deputy as Brad Proulx.

According to the sheriff’s office, Deputy Proulx spotted an SUV near County Line Road and Sante Fe Road that appeared to need assistance. When Deputy Proulx pulled over to help, Rivas-Maestas got out of the SUV with a rifle, investigators said.

The video shown in the press conference Wednesday, you can see a clear shot of Rivas-Maestas approaching the deputy an “AR-15 type rifle.”The Deputy gave the subject verbal commands,” the sheriff’s office stated. “The Deputy feared for his life and deployed his service weapon.”

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY: The Knockout Game by Colin Flaherty

Flaherty documents 100’s of cases of the Knockout Game

VIDEO: Damon Whitsell REFUTES Ex-Cop Michael Wood on Police Brutality w/ Jesse Lee Peterson

Refuting former Baltimore cop Michael Wood on police brutality and White Supremacy. While Black Lives Matter, the media and politicians make it seem as if there is an epidemic of cops killing Americans, only about 1,000 Americans get killed by cops yearly, most of those are justified uses of deadly force. And when you consider the cops have encounters with 40 million Americans a year, there is hardly epidemic. And black people killed by cops is down 70% in the last 40-50 years while whites killed by cops is up slightly during that time.

991 people shot dead by police in 2015

The number of Black People killed by Cops has decreased 70% in the last 40-50 years
The number of Black People killed by Cops has decreased 70% in the last 40-50 years

The DOJ’s Policing Statistics Don’t Lie

VIDEO: “AMERICA MORE RACIST THAN EVER” Andrew Shultz schools Tariq Nasheed

From a debate between Andrew Shultz and Tariq Nasheed on “Is America A White Supremacist Country”?

VIDEO: Phantom-Victimology-Hustler Tariq Nasheed admits to being “pro-black” for the money

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Race-Baiter and Race-Hustler Tariq Nasheed also has Dead Cop Blood on his hands. Gavin Long, who set-up, ambushed and assassinated the 3 Baton Rouge Cops just days after 5 cops were assassinated in Dallas, was a follower of Nasheed on Twitter and was retweeting Nasheeds Tweets and was tagging Nasheed on Twitter in the days before he killed those 3 officers in Baton Rouge.

It is clear from Gavin Long’s Twitter account that he was influenced by Tariq Nasheed’s rhetoric that there is a race war against blacks going on in America, that America is a white supremacist country and racist white cops are hunting innocent black men. All this is untrue but that will not stop race-hustlers like Nasheed from speading lies like these. This false rhetoric has gotten police officers killed and will continue to do so. Tariq Nasheed has the blood of these 3 cops on his hands and he should be ashamed and even held accountable.

Race Hustler Tariq Nasheed has Cop Blood on his hands – Cop Killer Gavin Long was a Follower
Race Hustler Tariq Nasheed has Cop Blood on his hands – Cop Killer Gavin Long was a Follower


VIDEO: Damon Whitsell REFUTES Tariq Nasheed and RC Maxwell DEBATE on “Is America A White Supremacist Country?”

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Damon Whitsell examines the debate between Tariq Nasheed and RC Maxwell that took place 11-15-17 and refutes the claim of systemic white supremacy in America. I will soon add more to this description including a bunch of source links for my claims in this refutation video.

Most Profoundly Truthful Articulation Of Mental Illness and Gun Rights I Ever Seen

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: “Demonizing the “mentally ill” and calling for their Second Amendment rights to be taken away is stupid, immoral, and dangerous. I’ve got news for you: EVERYONE has a mental illness, according to modern psychiatry.” That was Matt Walsh’s video description.

Here are my comments.

“This is most definitely the most profoundly truthful articulation of mental illness and the right to bear arms I have ever heard.

Matt Walsh here says he is not a professional psychiatrist or philosopher. But I have read well over 100 books on Psychiatry, Psychology and Philosophy so I will not try to downplay it like Matt did, but everything he says here is 100% truthful.

And as a person who has struggled for about 25 years with a case of bipolar disorder (that is most likely from a traumatic brain based injury – in other words probably mechanical rather than organic) and I have been told by 2 psychiatrist that it is one of the worst cases they have ever experience and treated, I will interject my opinion here and forcefully and say that what Matt here says is truth.

I would add a couple of caveats that he felt not to include but I think a person’s right to own guns due to mental illness should only be impeded in cases in like severe schizophrenia where the patient is delusional and has hallucinations and/or is non-compliant with medication treatment. And also in cases of those who struggle with chronic and severe depression who have expressed feelings of hurting themselves or others, and definitely for those who have made a suicide attempt, should not be allowed to own guns.

This is very profound so please watch it and share it with everyone.”

VIDEO: REFUTING THE ROOT’S George Washington and Slave Teeth


The key sentence in this whole video is at 0:26 and says Washington dentures used human teeth that “LIKELY came from the mouths of slaves”. But because The Root has an agenda to push (that this countries founders and all our current leaders were and are racist “MONSTERS” = because narrator Daniel Young needs her reparations check ya’ll) they turn ‘”LIKELY came from the mouths of slaves” into “WASHINGTON DID use teeth from the mouths of Slaves”.

In all reality this probable lie originates from controversial historian Henry Wiencek’s and his book “An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America” were Wiencek makes the claim that Washington had the teeth for his dentures “yanked from the mouths of his slaves” and goes on to say that Washington “paid for the teeth out of his own slaves mouths” and that “”it has long been known to specialist that some of Washington’s teeth came from the mouths of his slaves” but Wiencek does not name any of these so called “specialist” and he does not give any foot-noted sources for any of his claims so his claims are unsubstantiated conjecture.

HERE IS THE TRUTH: There is no proof that the human teeth used in some or any of Washington’s dentures came from his slaves or any other slaves. As substantiated from the PBS article below = Washington saved several of his own teeth to be used in dentures. This is proven by a letter to his nephew were Washington asks his nephew to ship him his very own teeth. He also bought nine “negro teeth” according to an entry in one of his accounting ledger books. But we also know that Washington’s dentist Le Moyer actually used to advertise in New York newspapers to buy teeth from whites and probably also from slaves and free blacks but that “sometimes the teeth were perfectly healthy; others were diseased and needed to be pulled anyway”. So maybe that is why as this video claims Washington or his dentist Le Moyer “only chose all the bad teeth”. But the best and the cheapest way to obtain human teeth for dentures in those days were to get them from dead people. So in the end Washington’s dentures could have been made from his own teeth, other white peoples teeth or any dead persons teeth. So IT CANNOT be said with any certainty that Washington used slaves teeth for his dentures.

But because The Root has an agenda to push they turn a “likely” into a “did” and hope that none of their readers and viewers will notice the slight of hand or trickery in this video and will end up thinking that Washington for certain did use slave teeth for his dentures, cause you know, black people “NEED their reparations check”. So damn those “culture vultures” who used the backs of black slaves to build this country so therefore Washington and his descendants (ie White people) “need to forfeit everything they own” and give blacks back what is theirs, because you know the narrator Daniel Young and The Root has “checked ALL the dental records” and Daniel Young and other black people are waiting on their reparations check. SO KEEP “WAITING FOR THOSE DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS YA’LL” AND HOLD YOUR BREATH WHILE WAITING.

Here is my writing and video on this topic.
REFUTING HIDDEN COLORS 3: Did George Washington use his slaves teeth for dentures?
REFUTING HIDDEN COLORS 3: Did George Washington use his slaves teeth for dentures?

Here is the article referred to above.
The Private Lives of George Washington’s Slaves” by Mary V Thompson

Worlds Value Survey and Pew Poll says less than 5% of Americans are Racist

The Worlds Value Survey and a Pew Poll shows America is among the least racist and most tolerant countries in the world. So we can definitely conclude safely that racism is not in Americas DNA as Obama has proclaimed.

THE WORLDS VALUE SURVEY: Two Swedish Economist looked at the Worlds Value Survey to conclude The United States of America is “among the most racially tolerant countries in the world”.

The survey asked respondents in more than 80 different countries to identify kinds of people they would not want as neighbors. “People of another race” was one option to chose. The Swedish Economist said “the more frequently that people in a given country say they don’t want neighbors from other races” the economists reasoned “the less racially tolerant you could call that society”.

As seen in the Globe Graph above, as indicated by dark blue, less that 5% of Americans said they would not want to live next door to someone of another race. You can also see that both north and south America scored rather well. India and Jordan are the least racially tolerant countries in the world with over 40% of their population answering they did not want to live next door to someone of another race. And almost all of Africa did not score very well according to the survey.

The fact that less than 5% of the Americans polled said they would not want to live next door to someone of another race proves that America and Americans are not near as racist as a lot of people say. You can see more information from the study here.

PEW POLL: The Poll asked 1503 Americans,,, “On balance, do you think having an increasing number of people of many different races, ethnic groups and nationalities in the United States makes this country a better place to live, a worse place to live, or doesn’t make much difference either way?”

As seen in the graph below, less that 5% of the Americans polled said having more people of more races and ethnicities would make the US a worse place to live. And 64% responded saying that more people of more races and ethnicities would actually make the US a better place to live.

This poll is another strong indicator that the United States of America is not all that racist but is actually a very racially tolerant country. So share this post with people when they go to ragging on America and falsely saying the USA is a racist country. You can see the poll here.

Blacks are 160 times more likely to die at the hands of another black person than police


According to criminologist Dr. Richard R. Johnson’s research of FBI reports from January 2009 to December 2012, 112 blacks died in both justified and unjustified police killings, while blacks killed 17,888 other blacks during this period. That’s an average of 28 blacks killed by cops each year and average of 4,472 blacks killed by other blacks each year. Literally, that means that blacks are 160 times more likely to die at the hands of another black person than police.

You can see that research here.

Poor teens who graduate high school, get a job and do not get pregnant out of marriage move to middle class


THE BROOKING INSTITUTE: Policy aimed at promoting economic opportunity for poor children must be framed within three stark realities. First, many poor children come from families that do not give them the kind of support that middle-class children get from their families. Second, as a result, these children enter kindergarten far behind their more advantaged peers and, on average, never catch up and even fall further behind. Third, in addition to the education deficit, poor children are more likely to make bad decisions that lead them to drop out of school, become teen parents, join gangs and break the law.

In addition to the thousands of local and national programs that aim to help young people avoid these life-altering problems, we should figure out more ways to convince young people that their decisions will greatly influence whether they avoid poverty and enter the middle class. Let politicians, schoolteachers and administrators, community leaders, ministers and parents drill into children the message that in a free society, they enter adulthood with three major responsibilities: at least finish high school, get a full-time job and wait until age 21 to get married and have children.

Our research shows that of American adults who followed these three simple rules, only about 2 percent are in poverty and nearly 75 percent have joined the middle class (defined as earning around $55,000 or more per year). There are surely influences other than these principles at play, but following them guides a young adult away from poverty and toward the middle class.

Consider an example. Today, more than 40 percent of American children, including more than 70 percent of black children and 50 percent of Hispanic children, are born outside marriage. This unprecedented rate of nonmarital births, combined with the nation’s high divorce rate, means that around half of children will spend part of their childhood—and for a considerable number of these all of their childhood — in a single-parent family. As hard as single parents try to give their children a healthy home environment, children in female-headed families are four or more times as likely as children from married-couple families to live in poverty. In turn, poverty is associated with a wide range of negative outcomes in children, including school dropout and out-of-wedlock births.
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