Most Profoundly Truthful Articulation Of Mental Illness and Gun Rights I Ever Seen

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: “Demonizing the “mentally ill” and calling for their Second Amendment rights to be taken away is stupid, immoral, and dangerous. I’ve got news for you: EVERYONE has a mental illness, according to modern psychiatry.” That was Matt Walsh’s video description.

Here are my comments.

“This is most definitely the most profoundly truthful articulation of mental illness and the right to bear arms I have ever heard.

Matt Walsh here says he is not a professional psychiatrist or philosopher. But I have read well over 100 books on Psychiatry, Psychology and Philosophy so I will not try to downplay it like Matt did, but everything he says here is 100% truthful.

And as a person who has struggled for about 25 years with a case of bipolar disorder (that is most likely from a traumatic brain based injury – in other words probably mechanical rather than organic) and I have been told by 2 psychiatrist that it is one of the worst cases they have ever experience and treated, I will interject my opinion here and forcefully and say that what Matt here says is truth.

I would add a couple of caveats that he felt not to include but I think a person’s right to own guns due to mental illness should only be impeded in cases in like severe schizophrenia where the patient is delusional and has hallucinations and/or is non-compliant with medication treatment. And also in cases of those who struggle with chronic and severe depression who have expressed feelings of hurting themselves or others, and definitely for those who have made a suicide attempt, should not be allowed to own guns.

This is very profound so please watch it and share it with everyone.”

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