VIDEO: REFUTING THE ROOT’S George Washington and Slave Teeth


The key sentence in this whole video is at 0:26 and says Washington dentures used human teeth that “LIKELY came from the mouths of slaves”. But because The Root has an agenda to push (that this countries founders and all our current leaders were and are racist “MONSTERS” = because narrator Daniel Young needs her reparations check ya’ll) they turn ‘”LIKELY came from the mouths of slaves” into “WASHINGTON DID use teeth from the mouths of Slaves”.

In all reality this probable lie originates from controversial historian Henry Wiencek’s and his book “An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America” were Wiencek makes the claim that Washington had the teeth for his dentures “yanked from the mouths of his slaves” and goes on to say that Washington “paid for the teeth out of his own slaves mouths” and that “”it has long been known to specialist that some of Washington’s teeth came from the mouths of his slaves” but Wiencek does not name any of these so called “specialist” and he does not give any foot-noted sources for any of his claims so his claims are unsubstantiated conjecture.

HERE IS THE TRUTH: There is no proof that the human teeth used in some or any of Washington’s dentures came from his slaves or any other slaves. As substantiated from the PBS article below = Washington saved several of his own teeth to be used in dentures. This is proven by a letter to his nephew were Washington asks his nephew to ship him his very own teeth. He also bought nine “negro teeth” according to an entry in one of his accounting ledger books. But we also know that Washington’s dentist Le Moyer actually used to advertise in New York newspapers to buy teeth from whites and probably also from slaves and free blacks but that “sometimes the teeth were perfectly healthy; others were diseased and needed to be pulled anyway”. So maybe that is why as this video claims Washington or his dentist Le Moyer “only chose all the bad teeth”. But the best and the cheapest way to obtain human teeth for dentures in those days were to get them from dead people. So in the end Washington’s dentures could have been made from his own teeth, other white peoples teeth or any dead persons teeth. So IT CANNOT be said with any certainty that Washington used slaves teeth for his dentures.

But because The Root has an agenda to push they turn a “likely” into a “did” and hope that none of their readers and viewers will notice the slight of hand or trickery in this video and will end up thinking that Washington for certain did use slave teeth for his dentures, cause you know, black people “NEED their reparations check”. So damn those “culture vultures” who used the backs of black slaves to build this country so therefore Washington and his descendants (ie White people) “need to forfeit everything they own” and give blacks back what is theirs, because you know the narrator Daniel Young and The Root has “checked ALL the dental records” and Daniel Young and other black people are waiting on their reparations check. SO KEEP “WAITING FOR THOSE DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS YA’LL” AND HOLD YOUR BREATH WHILE WAITING.

Here is my writing and video on this topic.
REFUTING HIDDEN COLORS 3: Did George Washington use his slaves teeth for dentures?
REFUTING HIDDEN COLORS 3: Did George Washington use his slaves teeth for dentures?

Here is the article referred to above.
The Private Lives of George Washington’s Slaves” by Mary V Thompson

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