TODAY: Poetry by Damon Whitsell

This was written on a day of clarity


Today, I can see that the sky is not black but neither is it blue over me and you, but rather a thousand shades of gray which are difficult for us to always see through.

Today, I am very thankful for this sky of gray, that I have not the the sun to always shine on me. For the sky is a reflection of myself and this life, good, bad and imperfect , looked at in any way. They are a reminder of the way things are and the way things will one day be.

Today, I release myself from self because it makes no peace in any way. Knowing that myself, imperfect and frail in mind and body I have not the way. I pray for wisdom and strength to persevere in a fallen world gone astray where I have cried out ” where is God now? Where is he? He has turned away”.

Today, I am convinced that God has not turned his back on us but rather the freedom he has given weighs its consequences upon us. Pain, suffering and evil are not from him but rather the fruit of the tree and me. How much more then will I be happy grateful when He comes with arms wide open for us to live with him for eternity!

Today, I realize that from the atrocities of this world and my afflictions I cannot escape and that I must wait for the removal of the barrier between earth and heaven and know that I have been appointed to share the truth of the way to escape and to stand in gods place here to love my fellows who suffer. Today I will love and wait!

Copyright 1998 Damon Whitsell

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