I Helped Open Someones Eyes To The Dangers of Islam with Facts – CAN YOU? by Damon Whitsell


MY SITE THE RELIGION OF CONQUEST: Just four days after the Paris Terrorist Attack I got a pleasant surprise, a friends son sent me a friend request on Facebook. What made this request a lift-me-up for me was that I thought my friends son might have some more few choice words for me again. But I am glad I accepted his request because he informed me that he was after his own research seeing Islam in a whole new way. We went toe to toe on some of the issues related to Islam and it did not go very well I thought. But my friends son is very vocal and has political aspirations to continue to serve our country after he has already served in the military so I figured I would give it a shot at reaching him. Here is the Facebook messages between he and I. I started with…..

Damon’s first response

Hey Chris, I was hoping to talk with you more about Islam, you can call me all the names you like, it’s no biggie – but you need to learn that Islam does what Islam does because of Islamic doctrine and following Muhammad example, not because of what the USA does.

I wanted to ask you to research something and give me an answer to the following question. “HOW DID ISLAMIC COUNTRIES BECOME ISLAMIC?”

If your up to it I would like to talk further with you about it. If not this meme will sum up my point pretty well.
Take it easy.

islam blaise pascal quote

Chris’s next response

If you would have been more tactful during our first conversation perhaps I would have been more inclined to discuss your question in our second conversation. I am not saying Islamic literature does not dictate a message of hate and violence. I am merely saying that there are many muslims that do not follow these messages of hate to the T just as there a many Christians who don’t put homosexuals to death or give a raped woman over to her rapist or stone people for working on the sabbath. Or chastise women for wearing pants or abstain from all shellfish.

My next response

I tried to be tactful and respectful man. I befriended you because I liked your video and spunk and have respect for you dad. You could have been more tactful too. But you kept doing what I was trying to challenge you on and what your doing now, making false moral equivalencies. When we talk about Islam why do you want to talk about Christianity? Like now, Jews who follow the Mosaic law no longer do things like stone people for working on the Sabbath, so what does that have to do with Islam and what they are doing today and always have.

You want to put too much blame for Islamic actions on the US. Are you aware that our navy was created to fight the Islamic Barbary States during the first two wars that the USA fought after independence from Britain? Islam was the aggressor then as they are now. Do you know that Islam has been on the brink of conquering the whole world 3 times in history only to be stopped at the battle of Tours by Charles Martel and twice at the gates of Vienna. Are you aware that besides the Barbary Wars that the USA fought Islam in WW1 and had we not dismantled the Ottoman Empire Caliphate and without our leaving Islam behind in science and industry Islam would have already taken the world over?

What does it really matter that “many muslims that do not follow these messages of hate to the T”? What are we as a country going to do about the many that do follow Muhammad’s message? And what are we going to do with those who are not violent terrorist but still seek to impose Islamic Sharia on the whole world.

I thank you for serving our country, I never did. Many people like you died and it was not needlessly. Islam has to be withstood and the longer Islam goes without being earnest fought and resisted,, the more blood it is going to take to stop the Islamic directive of world domination.

Please think about these things and read the Koran,, your a good smart guy and your bound to be a big influence in your circle of friends, so please research these issues,, especially if your gonna run for any political office.

Take care.

Chris’s next response

My outlook is this. Until a man conspires to do harm to another or indeed does do harm to another I will defend him from any and all who wish to do harm to him. And I will pursue those that wish to do harm to any man that is peaceful regardless of religion, race or ideology.

And I believe I already made it clear exactly the role I believe we have played in terrorism. I specifically said we fuelled their PROPAGANDA

And furthermore the reason I bring up Christianity is because you are a bible bleeding christian. And you act as if Islam is the only fucked up religion there is and Christianity is infallible. You blindly follow your faith and I am almost certain that most of your historical “facts” were written by christians. Religion in its entirety is corrupt. All religious texts were written by the hands of men. Men that were supposedly divinely inspired. But there is an indisputable fact of life that goes as follows: men are corrupt. Men are corrupt and therefore how can I trust the words that were written by a man with a pen claiming god told him to do it. No. I have my own faith and my morals are based on logic and equality and not judging others without cause. Religion is folly.

I believe in God. But not as most religions would have me see him.

My next response

Here is what I see as a problem. When I talk about Islam you hear me say Muslim. I was not talking about men so why do you. I would agree 100% with your first paragraph. But why bring that up, it should be understood without saying that both of us seek to defend innocents from being harmed

Islam attacked American merchant ships relentlessly proceeding the Barbary wars, so much so that we gave 1/3 of our state revenue as tribute money to stop them from doing so. There was no propaganda then and the real propaganda is what your spreading in saying things like Muslims radicalize because we bomb the shit out of them.

I never have said Christianity is infallible and I do not believe that, and your obfuscating the issue by continually bringing up Christianity when Christianity is not totalitarian in nature as Islam is. There is no equivalency.

You say my historical facts are probably written by Christians. Not true. There are 53 Islamic states in the world today and most of them used to be Christian before being invaded and conquered by the sword of Islam. Those Christian lands became Christian because after 300 years of brutal persecution of Christians by Rome Constantine made Christian persecution illegal in the Edict of Malan and later made Christianity the official religion of Rome in the Edict of Thessalonica around 350ad. These are two historical markers and documents that show Christianity rose to ascendancy without lifting a sword. But the opposite is true of Islam. Islam became what it is by the sword of Allah.

No one is judging others without cause. I am not judging others. I am judging Islam. Your aware there are violent directives in the Islamic holy text. So how do you think all the Islamic states became Islamic?

Luckily for us Islam historians wrote it down for us to read today. Muhammad prophesied that there would be not a single living non-Muslim on the Arabian peninsula, and it came to pass before he died. And the Muslims Chronicled how it happened and how it went down for you to read if you will read it.

The following is a link to the earliest Islamic biography written. It is written by a Muslim contemporary of Muhammad, not Christians and about 80% of it is political and has to do with what Muhammad and Islam did, and are to do today to Christians. Jews and Zoroastrians and the Arab polytheist pagans and others.

If you read it it is likely to change your life.


Here is a non Christian atheist on Islam and why he is worried about Islam and not Christianity.


Chris’s next response

Muslims are the people of the Islamic faith. You act as if they are unrelated. I do not know what the fuck you are trying to fucking argue with me for if we are in agreeance. Once again I specifically fucking said THEY STARTED THE FUCKING WAR. THEY USE COLLATERAL DAMAGE IN A WAR THEY STARTED AS PROPAGANDA. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR FUCKING POINT GUY AL YOU DO IS FUCKING BITCH ABOUT ISLAM.

And I ended the conversation with the following and then Chris blocked me.

Have a good one buddy. If you don’t get my point by now, you never will. Take care.

Then after about eight months or so Chris contacted me after he did his own research, here is what he said……

You were right, although you had an accurate message you had a piss poor delivery. Delivery makes the difference between enlightenment and division.

My response

I have been told I have the tact of a train wreck and the finesse of a jackhammer ,, and I cannot deny it is true. I try but I am not a very good deliverer.

Chris’s next response

That’s my specialty. When I feel it is worthwhile. I did a lot of research on the Christian Crusades and the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the origins of terrorism. And I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 2 types of muslims those with the balls to carry out the teachings of the koran and the hadith. And those that are too cowardly to fight but support those that do. And I’ve realized that muslims provoked all the crusades and inquisitions. Muslims started the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Muslims are the problem

My response

Yes, your right on all accounts. To be honest when I seen your request I thought you might want to blast my ass again,, glad to see you did your own research. Please influence whoever you can,,, you got allot of fire in your souls so do good things with your new knowledge.

Chris’s next response

I have better thing to do with my time than meaningless arguements.

My response

LOL,, I feel you/ Well I am glad we had the talks we had even though I might have been overbearingly tactless. 🙂

Chris’s next response


My response

Was having a bad day and night,,, thanks for letting me know your new positions. Kinda lifts my spirits up a little.

Chris’s next response

Good. You should go follow the page The Philosophy of freedom www.facebook.com/thephilosophyoffreedom

I ended the new conversation with

Will do

So if my delivery was so bad (LOL) then it had to be the facts about Islam that I used that was the possible impetus to Chris going on to do his own research and seeing Islam in a new way,,, the way it is.



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