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VIDEO: Damon Whitsell REFUTES Ex-Cop Michael Wood on Police Brutality w/ Jesse Lee Peterson

Refuting former Baltimore cop Michael Wood on police brutality and White Supremacy. While Black Lives Matter, the media and politicians make it seem as if there is an epidemic of cops killing Americans, only about 1,000 Americans get killed by cops yearly, most of those are justified uses of deadly force. And when you consider […]

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VIDEO: “AMERICA MORE RACIST THAN EVER” Andrew Shultz schools Tariq Nasheed

From a debate between Andrew Shultz and Tariq Nasheed on “Is America A White Supremacist Country”?

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VIDEO: Damon Whitsell REFUTES Tariq Nasheed and RC Maxwell DEBATE on “Is America A White Supremacist Country?”

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Damon Whitsell examines the debate between Tariq Nasheed and RC Maxwell that took place 11-15-17 and refutes the claim of systemic white supremacy in America. I will soon add more to this description including a bunch of source links for my claims in this refutation video.

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