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I Helped Open Someones Eyes To The Dangers of Islam with Facts – CAN YOU? by Damon Whitsell

MY SITE THE RELIGION OF CONQUEST: Just four days after the Paris Terrorist Attack I got a pleasant surprise, a friends son sent me a friend request on Facebook. What made this request a lift-me-up for me was that I thought my friends son might have some more few choice words for me again. But […]

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Published on Sep 11, 2012 – “On 9/9/12 I got to teach my first class on Islam on the exact day I started studying Islam two years ago and in memory of the victims of 911. This first class is MY DREAM COME TRUE I started the class out with why they chose 911 to […]

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WHICH IS MORE VIOLENT? Islam or Christianity by Damon Whitsell

FROM MY WEBSITE RELIGIONOFCONQUEST: We should only have to look at how the two religions came to prominence to answer this question. But this article will go further than that. We will look at how the two religions rose to power and then we will look at the Bible and the Koran. There are 50 […]

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